Paying it Forward: Exciting News from Team Brilliant


Team Brilliant is currently working on creating an online platform through for fans and friends of Graham to share their testimonies and stories of their spiritual journey.

As many of you know, listening to someone share their story of how a teaching or key concept changed their life can be invaluable. Graham has such a dense library of teachings, that people who are new to Graham or new to topics like spiritual warfare and prophecy can really benefit from the recommendations of others who have been in their situation.

If there is a teaching or concept of Graham’s that has impacted you, consider sharing that story with others so they can find the teaching or book that makes the most sense for their journey. 

If you would like to pay forward some of the revelation and upgrade you’ve gained to help change someone’s life, please share your story with us at


5 thoughts on “Paying it Forward: Exciting News from Team Brilliant

  1. Yes I’d like to participate and share to help! God put this in my heart of hearts some years ago “what you make happen for someone else, I will make happen for you.” It’s the Law of Reciprocity. But I realize He meant more than what we sow; for He is the God of more than enough! God uses Graham to reveal who He is and who we are in Him like I haven’t heard but only seen in my mother. Some Christian’s are afraid of this information and think God has no sense of humor but I know better. God is beyond our imagination and has extended an invitation above all invitation’s to come, to know Him; to live life in rest and peace. It’s time for all who have accepted [and desire] the invitation to come to Jesus to really receive from Him; to really desire Him, to be all He created us to be… He has no limits is what resonates in my heart. WOW!


  2. Hey , I think this is a great idea! I’ve submitted my entry and would love to read others’ too! Will this be printed in a book than we get the book?? Actually , if that’s the case,I’ll rewrite my part!! Would be glad to know how this works!


    • Hi LeAnna,

      As of right now the plan is just to have a webpage set up for people to share their stories and connect with others via comments. When the page is up and running, we’ll be sure to post your story.
      Thank you so much for sharing!


  3. Hi, I would like to share my experience (testimonies) it’s so adventurous travelling wit Christ n love to hear from others too. I strongly believe that this page gonna be a great boost to each other in Christ to Glory Him alone. Thanks to Jesus. Thanks to pastor.Graham came up wit a brilliant idea. Love u n ur team in Christ.


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