Review of the Month: The Overcoming Life Series

Just over two years ago The Overcoming Life Part 1 premiered in Dallas, Texas. As of today this teaching has helped hundreds of people deepen their understanding of spiritual warfare and unearth the upgrades they were destined for.

Broken into two parts, The Overcoming Life The Overcoming Lifeseries takes a unique look at warfare from defensive and offensive angles. Defensively, warriors learn to find the joy in every circumstance and focus on thanksgiving and worship when they feel overwhelmed. Offensively, warriors know how to intimidate the enemy by always reflecting the majesty of God, proving His dominance over their lives. 

Nathan, a reviewer a Brilliant Book House,  listened to both parts of The Overcoming Life series and had this to say:

The Overcoming Life series is simply one of the best training tools on warfare I’ve found for this breed of meek champion. The focus is on the majesty of Jesus in overcoming negative thinking, encouraging ourselves in the Lord, destroying the religious spirit, partnering with the grace and goodness of God, the power of praise, receiving payback from the enemy, and becoming more than a conquerer that brings devastation to the kingdom of darkness. It’s sound biblical teaching that is empowering, provocative and contagious in its rubber-meets-the-road practicality. My personal favorites teachings are “Reclaiming Your Inner Territory” from the first set, and “Standing Firm” in the second. These teachings will help you get and keep your grit in the battle. I cannot recommend these highly enough.

Through June 30, The Overcoming Life 1 and 2 are available at a discounted rate, so if you’re looking for a way to change up business as usual and become more than a foot solider in the Kingdom, do not miss this series! 


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