Wednesday Special Offer for June 29, 2016

There are many stages of development in the spirit and all of them are vital to move through and learn in if we want all the upgrades and blessings the Father has in store for us. Growing Up in God, Graham’s 7-part teaching, covers all of these stages of growth, from the baby-end of faith to the authority and power that comes with being a much-loved Son or Daughter of God.

Today at Brilliant Book House, Growing Up in God is available for half-price as both a CD and MP3! 
No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, this series will take you to deeper realms of relationship Growing Up in Godwith the Father. You will learn how to partner with the Holy Spirit in a new way as you navigate each exciting phase of intentional relationship with God. You will comprehend both the pitfalls and the promotions of each stage of relationship as you push through into a new, high place in the Spirit! THAT is what Growing Up in God is all about!

Shop for Growing Up in God.


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