Faith Is the Currency of the Kingdom


Faith is God’s gift to us so that we can see in the present and future.

In the present, He gives faith in the form of promises so that we can become like Him in His nature. When God gives you a promise, He gives you Himself. He gives you a promise so that you can see what He sees, so you can confess it to Him and rejoice, so that you can walk towards its reality, and you can cooperate with God in the circumstances that you are in.

In the future, He gives us a prophecy. He gives us a prophecy so that we can see what He sees. We can confess it to Him in thanksgiving. We can plan in accordance with its reality, and we can walk towards it in a process knowing that we are going to meet an outcome that is already settled in the heart of God. We can bring the future into today as we partner with God.

Often those promises or those prophecies can come in vision or dream form so that we can see into the invisible realm. Promises and prophecies are faith-triggers. They get us ready to see and to believe. They are a window into what Heaven is seeing so that Heaven’s reality can now become our reality. Faith allows us to see in the Spirit and bring that conviction into the here and now so that we can act on it.

So what has God been showing you recently about Himself? What has He been showing you about you and your identity? What is He showing you about your present circumstances? What is He declaring to you about your future lifestyle, the things that you are moving into?

Faith is currency. That means you have to use it, you have to spend it. Faith is the dynamic interaction of our spirit man with God. It empowers us to look beyond what we can see with our natural senses. It is the assurance of things expected, and the conviction of things not seen. Faith looks beyond oneself, never within oneself. Faith always leads us outside of ourselves because God is always the object of faith. We believe in what God has promised because we have faith in the nature of the One who said it. Faithful is the One who promised, who also will do it. So faith means to be persuaded by what we can see in the spirit so that we become convinced by its reality.

–An excerpt from The Faith Series

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