Another Way to Explore the Blessing of Hiddenness

mp3This month Team Brilliant is focusing on seasons of hiddenness and manifestation in the Spirit. We’re offering bi-weekly activations from the journal, Hiddenness & Manifestation at In Focus, and now for the first time on the Brilliant Book House site, we have the Hiddenness & Manifestation MP3 teaching available.

In the Hiddenness & Manifestation MP3, Graham asks important questions like “Why does God sometimes seem absent in my life? Is it my fault? What is He doing?” These questions are a jumping off point, where Graham explains the blessings of manifestation and the empowering forces of hiddenness to guide you powerfully through every season and stage of life with God. Download your copy of Hiddenness & Manifestation today!

Or, if you want to familiarize yourself with the concept of hiddenness and manifestation a little bit more, check out the first activation, “The Wisdom of Hiddenness,” from the journal!


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