Wednesday Special Offer for July 13, 2016

Maintaining Our Inner CompassIn our daily lives, we don’t need a compass to navigate; we can get to our jobs and the grocery store just fine without any help. But what about when we go out into the wilderness? What about when there is a threat of danger if we don’t know where we’re going? Of course we want a compass then! 

Spiritual life works in the same way. It might not seem important to have a compass for guidance when everything is going well — we know which direction to go! But what happens when we have to confront the enemy in a place we weren’t expecting to go? What if we lose our way? This is why it’s vital to develop an inner compass and work to maintain it so we always know which way to go to stay out of trouble.

In Maintaining Our Inner Compass, Graham talks about the importance of developing an internal compass that always points you in the direction of the Father, a vital tool when confronting the enemy. “Bo” a reviewer at Brilliant Book House agrees:

Never wander into the mountains without a compass. Many a mountain excursion allowed me to find my way simply because I had a compass. A miracle invention I’m sure came from the Heavenly hardware store.

Graham converts the natural gift of a compass and clearly lays out the spiritual necessity and lifesaving inner compass we’d better possess. If we’re going to survive in the storms and excursions into the heights He is taking us; we’d better have an inner compass. Never ascend the heights with our Lord without your golden compass sewn into your heart.

Until midnight tonight (PST) you can purchase a copy of Maintaining Our Inner Compass for HALF-PRICE on either CD or MP3. Don’t miss this series!


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