Finding the Joy in Difficult Situations: An Activation from The Faith Series

Testing empowers us to develop from measure to abundance. Literally, to come into what is measureless, because there is only one thing in our life that has no measure attached to it, and that is the Holy Spirit. He is given without measure. So in testing we are learning how to come into what is measureless, a greater experience of the Holy Spirit.The Faith Series

Faith is our confidence in Jesus, that He will do what He promised. We are learning to draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, Hebrews 4:16. What if testing is part of the process of drawing near? What if testing is one of the best things that could happen to you? What if testing is a gift of God to help you discover Him, to give you a shortcut, to help you cross a divide into a whole different paradigm, to give you an upgrade, to release an acceleration?

What if we are supposed to be joyful about testing? Because God allows in His wisdom what He could easily prevent by His power. What if He has ordained testing as a really safe, brilliant method for you to become more of who you are supposed to be?

In this partner-based activation from The Faith Series, you will ask yourself a series of questions to help you understand the gift of whatever circumstance you are currently facing.

With a partner, take turns talking about one current test in your life. Describe it in an overview in 3-4 minutes or so, and then with your partner I want you to determine the following:

What is the joy of the Lord in this situation? What, and where, is the joy of the Lord in this situation?  

Connect with the presence of the Holy Spirit and ask,

What are you supposed to be learning about God’s presence with you?
Try not to generalize, try and be specific.

What is the Lord showing you about His purpose?
Your partner here might have some input because both of you will be partnering with the Holy Spirit, so not only will you be gaining some revelation about your own circumstances, they will be getting some revelation for you.

What is your increase? What is your upgrade?

When you have shared a few thoughts on that, step into a quick partnership with God, make a statement about your new identity, and speak it out to your partner. Make a statement about what it is that you are receiving, what it is you are partnering with God on. You will find an upgrade in your identity. It is not far from you right now. Then write it down.

Then I want you to pray for one another, just to settle it in, to seal in that victory. Then the other person can take their turn.

–from The Faith Series

The Faith Series is being featured all month on In Focus, and you can look forward to more activations from this series in the coming weeks. If you want to study at a deeper level, The Faith Series is available at a discounted price for the rest of the month at Brilliant Book House too!


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