Review of the Month: Hiddenness & Manifestation

The first book of the Being with God journal series, Hiddenness & Manifestation, dives hiddenness-and-manifestation_coverdeep into the seasons of God’s presence. Have you ever wondered why He can sometimes seem absent? Have you worried that it was because it was something you had done? God doesn’t want you to see His hiddenness that way, and in this journal Graham will help you uncover many important truths about the blessings of hiddenness.

One reviewer had this to say about his experience of reading Hiddenness & Manifestation and the truths that opened up for him after reading:

This book is God’s revelation to us to help us overcome the seasons of darkness or dryness when God seems distant. It is a book for maturing us to be the bride of Christ, trusting our Beloved, our faith secure in Him.

Graham shares the answer God gave him during his own experience and reveals encouraging truth of God’s heart, His desire for us, in such times. The understanding I received raised my eyes from the circumstance to God, to know His heart for me, which gave me courage and strength to persevere and overcome. It is brief and to the point – exactly what is needed for times when our soul is aching.

Thanks Graham, for allowing the Lord to help you, so you can in turn help us to understand what He is doing and be assured His love and purpose is at work in our lives so we can trust Him to draw us closer to Him and bring us through transformed.
–Richard Lion Heart via Brilliant Book House

Through the end of the month Hiddenness & Manifestation will be featured on In Focus with activations pulled from the journal to try out as well as at Brilliant Book House, with both the paperback and eBook for just $5. Pick up your copy today! Or, to explore a little more, check out this featured activation from the book here.



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