What a Promise from God Really Means


Opportunities come to us in a place of confinement. When we feel boxed in and closed in by circumstances and situations and maybe people, your promise is a key that unlocks that door and sets you free. I am the Truth, Jesus said. I am the Way, I am the Life, and the truth will set you free. And the truth is you have got a promise right now that unlocks your cell. Stay or go. Be a prisoner of your circumstances or learn to be free.

Promises thrive next to a problem. We are all learning to possess what God has spoken. We are not any longer just natural people. We are learning to be citizens of Heaven.

Promises are the love language of God. They are the currency of Heaven. He has done more than just give you a Word that you are going to survive this thing. He has given you a Word that says, “I am going to make you like Me. You are going to see it like I see it. You are going to become this Word. You are going to inhabit it. You are going to seize it. You are going to occupy it. It’s going to change your whole personality and you will be a different man and a different woman, and you will look back on that time and say, ‘That was the moment I made a choice, and I went with it, and I learned to be wholehearted, and I stepped into something that was enormous, that was way bigger than me, and here I am in this place and I don’t know half the stuff that is going on, and I don’t know who I really am except I know I am not that person that I used to be, but now I am this person and life is amazing, and it’s still a little scary but mostly fun because I’m still learning, and I wouldn’t swap my life for anything!'”

When the Holy Spirit declares a promise, it enters our account, and when we declare it out, it enters our circumstances. We are learning to speak the same things that the Holy Spirit is speaking, or as Mary said, Be it unto me according to Your Word.

What promises has the Father given you?

Take responsibility for them joyfully. Take hold of them again. Let God breathe on any of the old ones so they are fully restored and refreshed. But understand this, Beloved, there is no deliverance apart from the Word of God. Your promise is your key to your cell. It’s the key to your circumstances, the key to your future.

Your promises give you power to stand and overcome.

–An excerpt from Opportunity in the Place of Confinement

opportunity_in_the_place_of_confinement.jpgOpportunity in the Place of Confinement is an ideal teaching for anyone who needs a refresher on the promises and provisions of God. Understanding that every difficult circumstance in life leads to a promise from God makes it infinitely easier to weather any storm.

Because this teaching focuses on turning problems into promises, $5 from each sale of these CDs goes to Not For Sale, an organization focused on bringing women and children out of slavery and helping them rehabilitate through work and school programs. Support the end of human trafficking and the promise of God for others, by picking up a copy of Opportunity in the Place of Confinement today. 


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