Wednesday Special Offer for July 27, 2016

There is a mindset in the spirit that will open doors for healing and building faith. There is a mindset that will fundamentally change how you view life in the Kingdom, aPTAOBB.jpgnd how you look at the people around you. In Perfecting the Art of Bouncing Back Graham speaks about how important it is to stop seeing yourself as a victim of your circumstances. The Holy Spirit has plans for you to turn every setback into a comeback. 

Read this testimony left by Carol via Brilliant Book House:

We all experience adversity in one form or another—our own failures, occasions on which we did not show up as the person we know we really are, and lies spread about us that people we love believe—that’s what adversity looks like in my world. Our natural inclination might be to have a pity-party, to fight back or to hurt others by trying to defend ourselves, but there is a much more brilliant way of thinking and living that Graham teaches us in The Art of Bouncing Back. The source of adversity is of little consequence, for the purpose is the same regardless—they are hyper-drive opportunities to grow in grace. We find out who we are not and we rise up in character in preparation for the next phase of our journey. God’s goodness, working its way through our internal territory, means we bounce back to a higher place than we were before the adverse circumstances began. What a beautiful illustration of how in Christ, we cannot loose!

Graham, in his “sweetest possible way,” will help you navigate through the awkward circumstances and people that appear to have the assignment of making your life difficult, and do so with humor and grace. As a concise teaching, this one is easy to listen to over and over again until the truths become deeply rooted in your spirit.

Until midnight tonight (PST) you can purchase a copy of Perfecting the Art of Bouncing Back for half-price as both a CD and an MP3! Learn to be resilient in a way you never thought possible so that every circumstance is an opportunity for immense blessing. Shop now. 



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