Walking toward the Invisible in Faith: An Activation from The Faith Series

It is so important that we look beyond our immediate circumstances to what God has promised. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for He who promised is faithful. Faith is currency, and it must be invested. When we deposit faith in God, there is always more given to us than we can see. God has given you a measure of faith so that you can be in relationship with Him in your current circumstances and see what He is seeing.

We must complete the three principles. See what is unseen, believe it is true for you, walk towards it. Make an investment in the nature of God and the word that He gives you.

If I had a five dollar bill in my hand that you could take, would you? Does it take faith to receive that? The answer is no. It doesn’t take faith because the gift is visible. We don’t need faith for what we can see in the natural.

But what if I have a five dollar bill in my hand and it magically turns into a ten dollar bill? That’s what happens when you live by faith — you always get more than you bargained for.

What does this take to do? You see the invisible, believe it is for you, and move towards it. That is faith. Faith touches the invisible. Faith is the currency that we invest in God’s name and nature. His word is enough. We move out on it. We make an investment. Faith is an action-based partnership with the Father, based on who He is for us, and based upon His own incredible nature. Faith is a gift from God to enable us to see what He sees in the invisible realm. Every one of us has received a measure of faith so that we can be in relationship with God now in the circumstances that surround us.

Discover how to move in faith, knowing you will not be able to see the outcome, and upgrade your confidence by working through a series of questions in this group activation exercise.

In a group of three decide who will first be the activator, the instructor and the writer. From there, go through this series of questions, with the instructor asking the questions and the writer transcribing everything that is said.

Activator, pick a situation that you are in right now.

What is the provision or the breakthrough that you need in the circumstances that you are in? Think for a few minutes and speak it out with your group.

Is there a promise or a prophecy that you already have?
You need to declare that to the Lord. Remember, faith is the ability to see in the invisible realm what God is already looking at. So whatever that situation is that is engaging your attention right now, there is a provision, there is a promise. God is seeing something about it. What is that? That is the thing you need to be confessing.

What is God seeing right now? What is the internal belief? What is it that you believe about the nature of God towards you?
This is time to upgrade your confidence. Confess that this promise is actually true for you, and God is true. Therefore, it is going to happen.

The third part of the activation is take action.

What step of faith must you take as an action partner with the Lord?
You need to identify it verbally. Take hold of the promise, believe it is true internally, take hold of the action required, and you need to physically walk out to meet the Lord. As you are walking out, some rejoicing will be really useful. Express your faith as an investment in thanksgiving.


Here are a few additional questions to expand your thinking:

  • Are you a risk-taker? Or are you risk-averse? That is, do you seldom take a new challenge?
  • How does your personality, training and background limit, or stimulate, your trust in God? How will you change and upgrade that?
  • Is God calling you to step outside of your comfort zone? If so, what relationship must you build with the Holy Spirit as comforter?
  • What is the next phase of your identity in Jesus, and how will that affect your faith walk?
  • Since we reap what we sow, what are you sowing into the kingdom of God?
  • What are you investing in regarding this current season of your destiny unfolding?
    The Faith Series

-from The Faith Series

To study walking in faith at a deeper level, especially if you are struggling with this exercise, be sure to check out The Faith Series in its entirety, which is on sale at Brilliant Book House through the end of July!


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