Expand Your Faith and Be Refreshed

Faith and patience produce a capacity for us to be refreshed. We just learn the joy of remaining in God. We learn to wait positively, and we become enriched.

Sure, testing stretches our faith. But what if it stretches our faith so that other people can come and hide under our umbrella? What if, without testing, we would all have this little parasol of favor, just enough for me? But what if in the stretching of our faith that parasol at least becomes a golfing umbrella? You can fit half a dozen people under it at any one time. What if God wants to give you enough favor for your street, or your subdivision, or your city, or a conference?

What is being tested is my depth of experience of who God is for me. What do I really believe about the nature of God? How faithful is God to me? How powerful is God for me? How much does God love me?

Faith is our confidence in Jesus, that He will do what He promised.

Having a lifestyle of renewing faith and restoring confidence is vital for a Kingdom spirit. All weekend, take an opportunity to refresh your spirit and expand your faith with one of Graham’s many series’ about prophecy, warfare, favor and joy. Through the end of July everything at Brilliant Book House is 20% off!


Use code H20 for 20% July 29–31.
Find the perfect resource to refresh your spirit this weekend at Brilliant Book House.


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