Wednesday Special Offer for August 3, 2016

Prophecy should be encouraging and exciting. The reason prophecy exists to give you a better understanding of what God wants for you. But for many people who are unfamiliar with the prophetic, the idea of it can be daunting and foreign.

approaching-the-heart-of-prophecy_small_crop.pngIn Approaching the Heart of Prophecy, Graham unwraps the gift of prophecy through a practical and powerful approach. This book offers dozens of exercises and journal questions to help you understand how prophecy can fit into your life and how to develop your own prophetic voice. Check out this review from Barb at Brilliant Book House, who has developed a true sense of the prophetic through reading this book:

“I never considered the prophetic, never explored it, never thought about it…I was sure was relevant for a very select few in the Body of Christ and I was not one of that group. This book opened an entirely new world to me. Clear, engaging and life transforming to say the least. The exercises are tough. I couldn’t breeze through them like I might have wanted but the impact they produce is profound and amazing. I love this entire book but my favorite section section is The Purpose of Prophesy. I really want to be a part of this activity on the planet right now!”

If you’ve ever wondered what prophecy was about or what it could open up in your life, check out Approaching the Heart of Prophecy today. Until midnight tonight (PST), you can order a copy for half-price through Brilliant Book House. Discover God’s plans for your future with Approaching the Heart of Prophecy.


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