The Importance of Prophecy


It is so important in everything that we are doing that we represent the heart of God. That means who God really is, not who you imagine Him to be.

We are not here to make God in our own image. We are here at the request of the Holy Spirit in order for Him to come and make us Christ-like. It is so important that when we prophesy, when we think about prophesying, when we pray about prophesying, that we pray in the context, “Lord, I want to do the Christ-like thing. I want to demonstrate what the love of God is really all about.”

Jesus came to put a face on God. We are here to put a face on Christ. So when we speak, people not only hear the word of God, but they feel the presence of God manifesting around them. It is so important that when you touch people prophetically you touch them with the heart of God. You don’t touch them with what you know. People are not here to have an encounter with your anointing, they are here to have an encounter with the living God. It is so important how you show up in that encounter. It is so important the level of humility that you have. It is so important that your heart is fixed on pursuing the love of God for that individual no matter what that individual is like, that you pursue the love of God for everyone that you come into contact with, and that we prophesy for the common good. That means the common good of the church, the common good of the world.

There is a Scripture in 2 Corinthians 5:20 that says, We are ambassadors for Christ as though God were speaking through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God.

Prophecy is one of the ways that God reconciles people to Himself, either firsthand through salvation or that He reconciles you to a different dimension of the Spirit that He wants you to enter into, that you become restored to God at a greater level and a greater measure.

Every one of us is on a journey, and prophecy should tell you who you are going to be in the next season of your life and what is it that God wants to be for you in terms of either what you are currently going through or where He wants to take you next, and the action of that word coming into your spirit should cause you to feel good about yourself and good about the God who is with you. It should reconcile you to the greatness of the love of God that is available from Heaven.

We really need to understand that we are representing the heart of God to people around us. You need to give evidence of the nature of God. It is so important that people don’t just see you in the prophetic, but they meet the Father, they meet who God essentially is and what He is like, and so it is really important then that you have an ongoing, enduring encounter with the nature of God.

–An excerpt from The Heart of Prophecy

The Heart of Prophecy is an ideal resource for anyone starting out in prophecy and will help you engage with the Father as you begin moving in the prophetic and start learning the language of Heaven. Check it out today!

3 thoughts on “The Importance of Prophecy

  1. This has so much truth for conscious Christ like relationship…it requires a level of allowing Christ’s love to operate through us that many find it hard to attain to…thank you for setting the bar for the Kingdom


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  3. The phrase “you don’t touch them with what you know” is probably the most important statement I’ve ever heard about the prophetic


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