Mission Impossible?

God has not called us to do what seems possible, reasonable or normally attainable; He has called us to do the impossible. He wants us to stretch beyond our ability, our faith, and our capacity to reason. He wants us to do more than we could ever imagine or dream. If you are reading this and think that your call is attainable, it’s time for an upgrade. Christians are not supposed to be doing what is possible. We’re supposed to be doing what is impossible and outrageous. To accomplish our calling, we must put our hand in the hand of God, learning to be completely dependent on the Holy Spirit for everything.

We have not truly learned to be dependent on the Holy Spirit in every facet of our lives—we continually try to make our own way. One of the common charismatic prayers I have come to dislike is “Holy Spirit, come.” For me, the prayer is not “Holy Spirit, come,” but “Lord, take not your Holy Spirit from me.” The Holy Spirit is ever-present, so our whole approach should be to create a life where He is free to work. “Do what You want to do and let us know what that is,” must become our prayer. In our relationship with God, we must not do anything that will upset our delicate balance with Him. Our task is to preserve our relationship with Him, not have to seek one because we have not walked with Him properly.

When the Lord tells us to seek Him it is for one of two reasons. Firstly because we are backslidden or have become indolent in our walk and must recover the ground of our relationship with Him. Secondly it is because we are coming into a new season and must take the time to develop a deeper expression of God in our hearts. In this context, He seeks us first to establish His desire in us. Our job is to make Him welcome and do the things which keep the Holy Spirit with us.

That balance hinges on our obedience. “You are My friends if you do whatever I command you,” Jesus said in John 15:14. A relationship with God depends on our obedience to Him. If we heed His commands, we will abide in His love. Obedience is a key to the presence of God—learning to simply rest and stay in God is a spiritual discipline.

–an excerpt from The Nature of God

The Nature of God is an excellent resource if you are searching for a better understanding of what God is doing in your life. Throughout the month we will be posting activations and exercises from the journal here at In Focus. If you want a more comprehensive understanding of God’s true nature and what it means for you, be sure to check out The Nature of God journal or eBook for just $5 all month.


One thought on “Mission Impossible?

  1. When you can imagine sitting in heavenly places with Him and entering that throne of grace and know He will do greater then that, well we want to stay in that place with Him, period… We will do whatever it takes to stay there. I’ve been accused of being so heavenly minded that I’m no earthly good. Well that’s ok, at least I have know needs at all, so I’ll stay there thank you.


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