Wednesday Special for August 10, 2016

How do we encourage the use of prophecy whilst developing the people who move in this valuable gift? What is the difference between false prophecy and poor prophecy? How do we handle people when they make mistakes in prophesying? What is the Prophet’s role in relationship to church leadership? These questions and many more issues like them are addressed in Prophecy & Responsibility.

Prophecy-Responsibility.jpgUntil midnight tonight (PST) Prophecy & Responsibility is half-price! Ideal for those called to leadership, the exercises in this book will open up the prophetic like never before. Check out this testimony from Simon left at Brilliant Book House about reading this book:

“As a senior pastor in a large and busy church, this book has been invaluable in empowering the development of our supernatural perceptions and utterances.

It has completely taken the sting out of the complicated issues surrounding what the Lord is saying , how His words should be spoken, and what are the protocols involved in prophetic speech. It has taken us away from corrective confrontation into a more gracious learning environment.

This book enables us to school people into a more powerful expression of the prophetic, whilst creating a vastly improved sense of Parnership between leaders and prophetic people. It has saved us huge amounts of time and taken the stress out of what had been a big problem area. This is a fabulous development tool for all leaders. The segments on ” what constitutes maturity and immaturity” are pure gold.

Graham skillfully blends great revelation with outstanding practical insights that are geared to creating a loving partnership between leaders and prophetic people. This whole series is incredible in its revelatory quality and it’s intense pragmatism.”

Learn the language of Heaven and experience a powerful revelation of the Father with this incredible book. Shop now.


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