Everyone Is Prophetic; Everyone Can Know the Language of Heaven


God is in the business of developing prophetic companies around the world. I believe He is more interested in creating these collaborative communities than He is in breeding a new generation of prophetic superstars. His heart is to bring the whole body of Christ under a prophetic umbrella. To live in Christ is to live in the prophetic nature of God. The revelatory gifting is part of God’s DNA, implanted in us at creation.

We are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26, 27). Jesus came to restore that broken image through His death and resurrection. Image counts for something in the Kingdom. All good prophets are concerned with restoring the Christ-like image to the church. All prophecy is connected to rebuilding God’s image in the Body of Christ. This is why we build into the Spirit and not against the flesh. What we build up (edify of Christ) in the image of God will automatically remove the flesh from the life of the believer.

Man has an inbuilt capacity to be drawn towards revelatory insight whether they are in Christ or not. It is part of the DNA in all people that they are drawn to the supernatural. It is the image of God. The Father did not remove His DNA because man had sinned. All people are made in His image. Until Christ reforms it, that image is fractured but it still contains the propensity for spiritual experiences beyond the natural realm. If not Christ, then another power will seek to usurp that God shaped vacuum in all people.

A church that denies the Holy Spirit and His presence and power is simply not able to compete in a post modern culture where the organ for receptivity of truth is the eye and no longer the ear. People are not open to hearing about God. They want to see God at work because they live in a show and tell world.

Every one of us in the church has the capacity to prophesy. We can be a prophetic statement of what the Kingdom of Heaven is — showing people what Christ is really like — by our lifestyle, our actions, our thoughts, and our identity. We’re a prophetic voice of who God is, how He speaks, and what He’s doing on the earth. We cannot help but be prophetic; it is in our very bones. It is who God made us to be.

Are you ready to explore the prophetic in your own life? Are you excited to see where this adventure can take you? For more free resources on the prophetic, check out what’s available on In Focus. For a deeper level of learning, consider picking up a copy of The Heart of Prophecy, Graham’s definitive CD teaching for anyone just beginning in the prophetic.


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