Question of the Month: Who Is God for You?


My own picture of God is that He is the kindest Person I have ever met. Almost 14 years ago, God began to give me a revelation of His kindness. I believe God wants to show each one of us the panorama of His nature. He wants to show you everything. But there is one aspect of His character that He will want to be yours in particular. This is your doorway into His presence. I love the compassion, mercy, integrity, and grace of God –but my access point to Him is always His kindness.

God has been relentlessly kind to me these past 14 years—day in, day out, month in, month out, year in, year out. Every day, the kindness of God has been in my face. I can’t get away from it. I can’t remember a day in years where there hasn’t been some word of God, some act of kindness, to help me. His kindness is relentless—I love that description. I’ve come to such a place of dependence on the kindness of God that I have an expectation for it every day. Something kind is going to happen to me. I wake up and I wonder what the kindness will be today. It is my image of who He is. That kindness He has shown me makes me want to be kind and generous to others.

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9 thoughts on “Question of the Month: Who Is God for You?

  1. It’s as if you were typing the words on my heart about the His favor towards me. His favor towards me makes me want to bestow favor on those around me. It’s so beautiful, this relationship we have with Him. He fills us so full that it’s a delight to give to others.


  2. We live in a world where individuals and people can be harsh at times. If I reflect on the nature of God toward me I would say he is gentle. It does not matter where I have been or what I’ve done he is a gentle Father. I’m not saying he excuses our sin or disobedience, but he is always gentle with me because he sees my heart , and looks with love. He is gentle, and “not” harsh with me. It is his loving kindness that leads us to repentance. As Grahme says he draws us with his kindness to his heart. With me he knows I can be hard on myself if I fall short or fail in my eyes. He does not condemn me he is kind towards me. The way God speaks to me most is out of his gentle heart of mercy! Many of us may have had earthy mothers or fathers that were harsh, but God is gentle and soft and loving a part of his nature I have embraced. If someone is speaking to me in a harsh way and trying to bring me instruction I automatically know that what they are saying is not God’s heart toward me. God is gentle and kind toward me. He is a loving Father, and a gentle teacher and guide. Yes God may be a lion that roars when he defends his own, but he is gentle in his character, love, and kindness. For those of you reading please be gentle with yourselves, and with others! We all need gentleness. Michele Closset

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  3. I spent many years as a believer thinking God was someone waiting for me to please him. Of course whether or not I pleased him was a judgement I made and never measured up to. One day, I had an epiphany of the Father’s love for me… that he was pleased with me simply because I am His! He continued to teach me about his love and joy over me. So much so that it would take way too much time to explain it. Now, every thought of God begins with his kind and loving heart toward me. I’ve also realized that the Truth expressed to us all through the Holy Spirit is manifest in our lives in the Fruit of the Spirit. Whenever we are experiencing something that is not consistent with that Fruit, we can conclude that some part of what we are believing at that moment is not consistent with the Truth. Any form of fear, whether it is expressed through anger, depression, anxiety etc at any moment is rooted in something other than God’s Truth. The “negative” emotions are not to be feared or “fought”. I acknowledge them as God-given indicators of whether or not I am embracing the Truth. I stop and ask God what the Truth is and he is always willing to lovingly, kindly and patiently speak Truth to me. In those moments, fear just blows away like a fog and allows for peace, love, joy etc.
    I don’t have to attempt to cast out fear. Perfect love does that. God has not only become my loving Father, but also my source of Truth. He IS perfect love. That is the first truth that he always reminds me of. Fear is a smoke screen. It has no substance. But it was built into us by God, as an indicator that we need to seek his Truth personally. It is found in relationship with him. Like a red light on the dashboard of your car. You don’t fight with the light, just put oil in the car and the light goes out.
    Thank you Graham, for this Question of the Month. In answering, I am lifted up. God bless you richly.


    • Hello HyOnLyph, you said slit in your post. It sounds like your epinany of Gods love as Grahme talks about made all the difference. I liked the comments you made about fear and it being a just a smoke screen. I agree with many of the statements you made about Gods truth. Yes he is a God of truth and he leads us by truth! In fact his truth sets us free. He clearly gives us the focus we need and the clear insight to see things differently. This was actually my first time posting anywhere as I don’t do Facebook at all. I have only been touched in amazing ways by the teachings Grahme has provided as he has been led by God. He has touched many lives and this blog is a very small way to respond to what he brings forth in questions and comments, and those of others impacted in good ways through this ministry. Anyway may God continue to do his incredible work in each of us as we serve and honor the true heart of the Father. Blessings in your journey… Michele Closset


  4. In the past few months I have become more active in divine healing, specifically in Healing Rooms associated with Cal Pierce’ organization out of Spokane, WA. I work with a group located in Bakersfield CA and this is a return to healing that started under John Wimber (Vineyard) in 1981. Your question, “Who is God to you” is very similar to what I ask most people who come for prayer. I ask, “who is Jesus, to you?” It is amazing what I learn from the answers that come back.
    When I am convinced the person seeking prayer is in fact “saved” according to Romans 10:9 & 10, then we start using the authority given by Jesus and the tools (scripture) to intercede on their behalf for deliverance if needed and healing. Many believers are not clear on who they are in Christ and suffer living a defeated lifestyle since the enemy has an easier time lying to them and stealing from them. Understanding who God is to us…and who we are in Christ makes all the difference for believers who desire to live in all that our Father has for us.


  5. Who is God to me?
    God is an Olympic level coach who knows and loves me so completely. God’s training me up to be the me that He sees. God’s teaching me to live into and through His promises given specifically to me. I’ve had to write several books to help me remember and work through what God’s doing.


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  7. I am a music lover from way back so Papa God sings me secular love songs and I absolutely love it! I did not have a dad growing up and have experienced a lot of rejection and just not feeling really loved by people so Papa God is my very loving, kind and gentle Papa and also my romantic lover!………….I have a long list of the love songs He has sung to me and because we are all so unique He speaks to each one of us in a unique way
    that melts our hearts and draws us closer to Him! It is always about the deep personal intimate relationship with Him!


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