Review of the Month: The Nature of God

The Nature of God is the third installment of the Being with God Series to return tonature-of-god_3d_small_crop.jpg Brilliant Book House! This journal will challenge your understanding of who God is and who He wants to be for you in all aspects of life. This journal will help facilitate the vital revelation that is God’s desire for you life so you can live a life filled with faith and conviction.

Jayne had this to say about how The Nature of God changed her own relationship with the Lord:

I had been struggling in my relationship with God for many years. I had no concept at all of how great His love was and how I could enter in to that place. This book changed all of that for me.

The part that really pushed me into a place of desperate encounter with God was Graham’s Snapshot of God, on pages 37-40. I realized that I had no experience of God in any of those areas. That was when I understood that the power of a church experience was radically inferior to the sublime power of an encounter with God for myself.

A group of us began to study this book together and we all began to have encounters with the Lord resulting in amazing upgrades in our walk with Him. We use this book now with all new christians and also with new people joining our church. Its a powerful launch pad into a new dynamic relationship with the Lord.
-via Brilliant Book House

We shared the “Snapshot of God” last week on In Focus, here. Be sure to check it out! You can also order The Nature of God for a deeper understanding of the Father’s nature for you, here.


4 thoughts on “Review of the Month: The Nature of God

  1. I’m wanting a deeper place of connecting intimacy, presence, and relationship with Holy Spirit. My desire is to know Him as I do my Jesus. So for months I have been making myself available every morning from 05:30-07:00, praising- worshipping- loving Him, and waiting, then praying. I know He is in me, with me, for me, and He loves me, therefore I have no doubt my desire for the true deeper life is from Him and it shall be fulfilled.

    Is there any resource you could recommend that would help me in the process?

    Blessings with abundant thanks

    ❤️🙏✝🌈 Karen Sent from my iPhone



    • Hi Karen,

      One of our most popular resources for worship and prayer is the teaching Becoming the Beloved. It’s part of the Devotional Soaking Series and is perfect for deepening times worship. You can learn more about it here. If you would like more help finding teachings, contact and she will be able to help you find everything you are looking for.



  2. Dear Graham Cooke Where in South Africa can I buy this book? I long for a deeper, more fulfilling walk with the Lord. I think your book will help me. Regards Charmaine




    • Hello –
      We do have an active wholesale client in South Africa where you may be able to find our products. I will list them below. You will need to contact them directly for information on stock and availability.

      We also ship anywhere in the world. Most international orders will qualify for the flat rate shipping price of $34.95 US. This can seem quite high, but it is a flat rate so will stay the same no matter the size of the order. This can be made more economical by placing larger orders at once. Some customers prefer to purchase MP3s or eBooks since this will eliminate the need for shipping. Hope this helps!
      Karmal Christian Books
      Cape Town, South Africa


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