Change the World with Not For Sale


Graham Cooke and everyone at Team Brilliant passionately believe in putting a stop to human trafficking and slavery. We are bringing the Kingdom to Earth, and we can’t possibly be living in the full glory of the Kingdom when there are still millions of people disenfranchised and in slavery. This is why Team Brilliant always tries to find new ways of partnering with Not For Sale. In fact, some staff members recently travelled to Amsterdam to meet with Not For Sale where they are actively working to end human trafficking  to strategize new ways of working with them in the future. 

In this video, you can see what Not For Sale’s plan has been for the women of Amsterdam and the impact they’ve made so far:

Not For Sale also works largely in Peru, India, Romania, Thailand, Vietnam and here in the United States. There are many ways that you can get involved with Not For Sale either directly or indirectly. To impact change directly, you can donate to Not For Sale, here.
You can also purchase Opportunity in the Place of Confinement, a single-disc teaching from Graham Cooke about looking at life circumstances with a Kingdom mindset. $5 from each purchase goes directly to Not For Sale.

Team Brilliant is committed to ending slavery, and because of people like you we are able to impact the lives of thousands. Visit to learn more about their projects and impact.


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