Are You Astonished by God?


The chief role of a New Testament prophet is not to prophesy. Primarily it is to teach people how to hear the voice of God for themselves. It is to teach people how to find and live in the will of God for themselves. It is to teach people how to move in the prophetic, but even those things are not the prime gifting of a prophet. The real ministry of a prophet, I believe, is to make God radiant, is to tell people how wonderful, how amazing, how astonishing He is and to introduce superlatives back into our prayer language, back into our witness of who God is.

So when you read the Gospels, you know you read they were astonished, and they were amazed, and they marveled, and they were “sore amazed;” that’s like amazement with pain. Maybe. But you read about the sense of astonishment that people had about who God is.

One of the last bits of teaching in the book of Acts is a word of warning about dullness and lack of astonishment. It is our role in the Earth to be astonished.

God needs to be represented by a bunch of people who are totally amazed by who He is, and their experience of Him is astonishing, their love for Him is amazing. His love for them is breathtaking, and they live in this place of astonishment and not dullness. Dullness is the absence of brightness in our souls, where there are places where God’s true light has not really shone through to the point that we have become astonished and amazed by who He is and by how He loves me.

It is so important that you personally are amazed by God that it takes your breath away, that you love hanging out with Him, that you love talking about Him, that you love prayer, that you love worship, and that you are doing everything possible to become more and more intimate with who He is, and that you have a brilliant relationship with the Holy Spirit, who is just a genius at everything.

He is a total genius at everything. I love how He thinks. I love who He is. I love how He operates. I love the fact that He is the most cheerful person I have ever met. The Holy Spirit is so cheery. Everything is doable with Him. Everything is doable. Everything in Him is “yes,” “Yeah, we can do that. I am really good at that. Do you need some help with that? I can help you with that. I am really good at that. That is my specialty.” And you discover that everything is His specialty.

He specializes in life. He is a genius at life, and He is one of the most happiest, cheery people you will ever meet. No wonder Jesus said, “Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world, I gave it the Holy Spirit.” He is astonishing at how He brings comfort, how He teaches, how He educates us, how He moves in us, how He lives with us, how He is for us. Everything about Him, He is there for you. He loves who you are. He loves who you are right now. He loves you with all your inadequacies, all your insecurities. He loves you, and that is good news!

Sometimes this whole thing of performance Christianity is bad news. We are here and we should be accepting of who we are. You know, I am not what I was and that is by the grace of God. I am not yet what I will be; that will be by the grace of God. Therefore, I am what I am right now by the grace of God.

The good news of the Gospel is He is not trying to change us as much as we are trying to change ourselves. God isn’t always putting the finger on things in your life and saying, “Address this! Change that!” Sometimes He doesn’t put His finger on certain things at all. What He does is He plans to love you in that area, and the action of His love on you in that area makes you change in that area.

Other times He puts the finger on you, but you know, it is not often that God really puts the finger on you. Mostly He is just trying to get you to accept the fact that you are the Beloved. If you really accept the fact that you are the Beloved, and that He is totally delighted with you right now, His delight for you will cause you to be delightful.

-an excerpt from The Heart of Prophecy

The Heart of Prophecy teaching series was designed to open up prophecy to you by opening up God’s true nature and teaching you how to relate with the Father on an all new level. If you’re ready to see Who God wants to be for you through the prophetic, don’t miss this series.


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