New Special Offers at Brilliant Book House for September 2016!

Beholding & Becoming is the newest re-release in the Being with God journal series beholding-and-becoming_small_crop.pngavailable this month. This journal focuses specifically on how to unwrap the profound and unfathomable call you have on your life from God. Through the questions and exercises in this journal you will learn to live in the consistent nature of God and discover how His heart can enable you to do things you never thought possible, moving forward on an outrageous adventure of faith.

For the month of August you can purchase a paperback copy or an eBook version for any tablet for e-reader for just $5! Shop for Beholding & Becoming now. 

TheFavorSeriesThe Favor Series similarly explores the Father’s passion for us through the lens of favor and how this enables us to understand our identity in the Spirit.

Favor calls us up to a new place in Christ. We learn how to take responsibility for our blessing. Favor enables us to revel in Abiding in the Goodness of God. Watch this short video of Graham explaining the importance of favor in our lives:

For the entire month of September you can pick up a copy of The Favor Series at a discounted price. Don’t miss it.


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