Graham’s Schedule for September, 2016


+September 9–10, Encinitas, CA
The San Diego Sessions
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+September 25-27, Olmstead Falls, OH
Bethel Cleveland: Strength to Strength Conference
Life is full of both adventures and challenges, which can feel like a roller coaster of ups and downs as we move through each season. But Psalm 84 paints a different picture, revealing that the person whose strength is in the Lord can move from “strength to strength.” What does it look like to walk in peace in the midst of the storm, shining forth with God’s glory and exhibiting hope during even the most difficult times? Join us for 3 days of encountering God’s presence through worship, ministry and learning how to truly live from strength to strength, as we glean from guest speakers Graham Cooke and Lance Wallnau.
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+September 30-October 2, Garden Grove, CA
Team Brilliant presents The Epiphany
We want to be confident, assertive and bold in who we are becoming in the Lord. We want to see life and people in the same way as Jesus, to practice the way He thinks about everything. We want to look at life, not just as a challenge or a test, but as an extraordinary opportunity to be made in God’s image. Join us in Anaheim this September for The Epiphany where these powerful truths will be brought to life in a tangible, empowering way!
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You can view the rest of Graham’s schedule for 2016 here at Brilliant Perspectives. 


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