Negativity Has No Room in Your Life

Negativity is something everyone faces in life. It is the enemy’s greatest weapon against us. We have a choice, however. When we get up every day we get to choose if we are going to partner with negativity or with the Holy Spirit who is our Helper and Comforter. While it isn’t always simple to make that choice, there are resources available that have been designed specifically for this struggle.

Overcoming Negativity through Rest is one of Graham’s most popular teachings and has been for several years. It is specifically focused and concise enough to listen to listen to in even brief moments of struggle. Someone recently had this to say about the series:

This was the very first teaching I heard from Graham and it truly was life transforming. I didn’t realize the effects of my negativity had in my life but as Graham said, “Negativity about someone, even myself, justified or not, puts you in alignment with the enemy.” May not have quoted it word for word but seriously I don’t want to be in alignment with enemy in this area of my life. I truly thank you Graham Cooke for this revelation!!!
Overcoming Negativityvia Sharon at Brilliant Book House

For anyone in need of an adjustment in perspective, Overcoming Negativity through Rest is a perfect teaching. Plus, through the end of the day you can download a copy for just $1. Don’t miss this brilliant opportunity for a fresh perspective. Download your copy of Overcoming Negativity through Rest for just $1 before it’s too late!


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