A New Brilliant Perspective: Be Delighted in Who God Is

Discipline isn’t often our first response in the Spirit. However, delight begets discipline because it makes the work feel joyful. Today at Brilliant Perspective, Graham has posted a short video about reframing our perspective to one of delight instead of one of discipline. Check out this brand new brilliant perspective here.
If you would like further resources on delight in the spirit, you might want to look at Graham’s session, The Practice of Delight. Concise and to the point, The Practice of Delight is an expansion on Graham’s video chat today. Discover the enjoyment, gladness, joy, and pleasure in who God is for you, regardless of your circumstances. Explore further here.


One thought on “A New Brilliant Perspective: Be Delighted in Who God Is

  1. I love the notion that today I’ve learned a new way of looking at and applying the word “delight” to my life. As a matter of fact, I’m allowing that word to take root in me so that it’s not just a (mere) word. Instead I receive it as life, as “relational,” which makes my experiences with the Lord more intimate. There! I’m Delightful. That even sounds good, and pleasing. Yes, this is how the Father sees me. And what He sees in me, because He knows that’s who I am, then I give back to Him!

    Thank you sir Graham for helping me to understand the “delight” in me…a forerunner of discipline. #Breakthrough #UnlockingTruths ✨❤️


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