Your Right to Favor: A Closer Look at The Favor Series

You have a right to the favor of God.

Favor calls us up to a new place in Christ. We learn how to take responsibility for our blessing. Favor enables us to revel in Abiding in the Goodness of God, and it is yours to accept. The popular teaching, The Favor Series, is focused on giving you an opportunity to break out of your current mindset and be overwhelmed by the love and majesty of the Father.

Of TheFavorSeriesthe hundreds of people who attended the conference or have listened to The Favor Series in the years since its release, this review of the series perfectly summarizes the heart of The Favor Series teaching:

I never knew what was possible in my walk with God, until I heard this teaching. I have not known what it is like to be overwhelmed by God, and to have an expectancy that overcame my deficiencies. Graham faces you up with majesty to the point where you run out of excuses for not experiencing it yourself!

I found breakthrough after breakthrough in my thinking, believing and my trust and faith. I actually feel ahead of the curve now in my life. These messages have caused me to grow up in terms of what I know the Father wants to be for me in Jesus. Every situation has become part of my learning. Problems no longer paralyze me because Favor has given me a sense of Wonder that I have never encountered before in the events of my life.
-Stephanie at Brilliant Book House

In this video, Graham goes further and explains what he hopes you will uncover for yourself from this teaching:

If you need a revelation of the favor of God in your life, The Favor Series is a brilliant, comprehensive resource to expand your thinking. Through the end of the month, you can order a copy of The Favor Series at a discounted price from Brilliant Book House. Don’t miss it. 


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