Review of the Month: Beholding & Becoming

Beholding & Becoming is the newest re-release in the Being with God journal seriesbeholding-and-becoming_small_crop.png available this month. This journal focuses specifically on how to unwrap the profound and unfathomable call you have on your life from God. Through specific questions and exercises  you will learn to live in the consistent nature of God and discover how His heart can enable you to do things you never thought possible, moving forward on an outrageous adventure of faith.

Richard had this to say about the way Beholding & Becoming changed his, and his church’s, experience of worship and relationship with the Father:

I love this book!. The prophetic word written on pages 31–33 absolutely rocked my world. It contains so many promises and releases so much expectancy into my heart. Months later I am still drawing from my meditation notes on that piece alone. This book has taught me to press in to the passion in Gods heart for me. I am a worship leader in a large church. This book has been a fabulous mentoring tool that we have used to get our worship teams all onto the same page.

We have four worship bands and some 100+ musicians and singers so getting everyone into the same heart space is no mean feat. This book has been instrumental in our deciding to pursue the Presence of God as a tangible reality. It is an extremely powerful devotional tool for those who want to upgrade their worship experience.
-via Brilliant Book House

Through the end of the month Beholding & Becoming will be featured throughout the Team Brilliant sites as well as at Brilliant Book House, with both the paperback and eBook available for just $5. Pick up your copy today.

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