Question for the Community: What Does the Favor of God Look Like For You?


Jesus fully deserves all the rights and privileges of the Father, and we are in Him and joint heirs, through grace, of those same rights and those same privileges. We’re learning in our thinking, in our seeing, in our responses, how to be raised up with Him and be seated with Him in the heavenly places with Christ.

We’re learning the extent of our favor. We’re on this journey of discovery and what you’re discovering is how brilliant you really are.

What does the favor of God look like in your life right now? What is this teaching you about the nature of the Father?

We invite you to share you story of favor with us at so that we might use it to inspire others and begin a community-led conversation about the goodness of God here at In Focus.

Additionally, you can check out The Favor Series for deeper exploration and better understanding of favor and its value in our lives.


2 thoughts on “Question for the Community: What Does the Favor of God Look Like For You?

  1. Favor to me would be the opposite of being bullied, tormented mentally, emotionally, violated the same way as well as physically, child, God son, and maybe grand children taken and held back from you. Finance’s that are next to nothing be given in abundances all that I dream and desire and are hoping for. To be given not taken away. Etc.


  2. Favor is the enabling power that allows Christ to live His life through us and thereby enjoying the full benefit of all that He has accomplished on the cross.


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