We’re Almost There!

The Epiphany, this year’s Brilliant Event, is a few weeks away away and we are getting so excited!


We want to be confident, assertive and bold in who we are becoming in the Lord.

We want to see life and people in the same way as Jesus, to practice the way He thinks about everything.

We want to look at life, not just as a challenge or a test, but as an extraordinary opportunity to be made in God’s image.

At this year’s event, Graham will explore the epiphanies God wants each of us to have on our journey so  we can become our truest selves in Jesus. If you’re hoping to join us in Anaheim for a fresh revelation of God and the Kingdom, be sure to register this week! Online registration ends September 21, so if you’re planning to attend, register now! This event is likely to sell out, so don’t make travel plans without confirming your spot at the event! Register now.

We can’t wait to see you there.



One thought on “We’re Almost There!

  1. Can’t wait to see you as well. I’ve been praying for you all and those of us attending to hear well to receive all we need and more for our journey.

    Glorious Anticipation 💥👑💕😆✨👣🌾☕️✈️👋💐🎼👣✈️

    Ruth Snell and John

    “Be blessed to love Him in 2016 with Glorious inexpressible JOY.”



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