Wednesday Special Offer for September 21, 2016

What do you currently believe about God’s love for you? What do you believe about His majesty and His goodness? Is it astonishing? Is it breath-taking? If it’s not, you need an upgraded perspective on the glory of God and the beauty of living as His beloved child.

The Art of Thinking BrilliantlyIn The Art of Thinking Brilliantly Graham looks closely at the specific ways that we can upgrade our perspective to think more like Christ in every life situation. The goodness of God doesn’t conform to logic because logic can only make sense of what exists in this world. You have to let go of worldly thinking and accept that nothing about God is worldly.

This series is a great starting place in establishing a deeper relationship with the Father and in journeying to become more like Him. Until midnight tonight(PST) you can order The Art of Thinking Brilliantly for half-price!

Nothing about Him is ordinary, and that means nothing about your relationship with Him can be ordinary either! Discover what it means to see the world the way He does. Shop for The Art of Thinking Brilliantly.


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