A New Brilliant Perspective: The Way We Think Rules Our Life

When we decided to go on this fabulous journey with God, we agreed, maybe not knowingly at the time, to have our entire lives upgraded, remodeled and transformed. The more we partner with the Holy Spirit the more we break down our old ways of thinking and learn something better. Today at Brilliant Perspectives, Graham expands on this subject with a new article.

Read his thoughts and share yours here.

For deeper exploration in the way God thinks and how His thinking radically changes our The Art of Thinking Brilliantlylives, check out The Art of Thinking Brilliantly. In this series Graham discusses the importance of coming at every life situation with the right mindset.We can never entertain thoughts that are detrimental to our identity. What if there are no such things as negatives; only possibilities that are yet to be encountered? This series has been transforming people’s lives and perceptions for the last five years and Graham continues to expand on this teaching in his ministry today.


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