New at Brilliant Book House for October, 2016

The Language of Promise is the fifth journal to be re-released from the Being with God journal series. For the month of October you can order a paperback or download the eBook for only $5. the-language-of-promise_medium_crop.png

The Language of Promise was created to help us understand that God has a promise and a plan for our life. God’s passion is to make each of us into joyful carriers of His word through His promises to us. He is the kindest person any of us could ever meet, and His love for us empowers us to do more than we could ever dream of.

Shop for The Language of Promise.

dydJust over a year ago, Developing Your Destiny premiered in Anaheim, California. Since then this CD teaching has been changing people’s lives and showing them that the words of God have an expectation of favor and certainty in His promises for us.

This series was designed to accelerate your growth and move you into an all new mindset about who you are with God and Who He is for you.

Present/future living establishes a training ground to cultivate your identity in Jesus and to establish destiny as a lifestyle where you are always in alignment with what God wants for you.

Shop for Developing Your Destiny.


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