Wednesday Special Offer for October 5, 2016

Today’s special offer at Brilliant Book House is The Devotional Soaking Series, a 3 CD set including Becoming the Beloved, Living the Upgraded Life and devotional_soaking_seriescropThinking with God.

Soaking is an important tool for entering into rest, which makes you available to the Father to receive everything He wants to give you. Devotional time should not be about striving for relationship with the Lord, but should bring you peace, should bring you joy, should allow you to rest in the inner man of your Spirit.

Watch Graham talk about entering into rest through soaking:

You can watch a clip from each of the Devotional Soaking CDs, Becoming the BelovedLiving the Upgraded Life or Thinking with God, on Youtube.

Until midnight tonight the individual CDs are $10, or you can buy the complete Devotional Soaking Series for only $30. Shop for The Devotional Soaking series.


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