A Question for the Brilliant Tribe: How Did You Become a Treasure Hunter?


“Jesus knew that whatever He spoke to would rise up in people. Humanity always speaks to the earthen vessel, noting every crack, every flaw and warp: “If you put this right and change that, then we’ll let you in and accept you.” God is not remotely like that. He speaks to the treasure in a person and releases it from the captivity of the flesh. He extracts the precious from the worthless.

We often try to do the opposite; we take out the trash and see what’s left. When we speak to the treasure in people, it moves to the surface of their lives, from the hidden to the obvious. The rubbish always comes with it. When people see their own worth, they get rid of their own carnality. God knows there is treasure in each of us and He wants to bring it to the surface.” –an excerpt from The Language of Promise

Has there been a time when the people around you only spoke to your flaws? Was there a time you did that to others? How did you break free from this kind of thinking? Was there a specific word or teaching from Graham that help facilitate this mindset shift?

We encourage you to share your story of finding the treasure in others so that we may share it on In Focus later this month! Your stories and testimonies of Graham’s teachings are invaluable to others in need of revelation but not sure where to start. You can share you story in the comments below or at media@brilliantbookhouse.com


One thought on “A Question for the Brilliant Tribe: How Did You Become a Treasure Hunter?

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