A Note from Graham: The Nature of Freedom

the-nature-of-freedom.jpg“My team & I have been working hard over the past couple months to get my next book into your hands. I’m thrilled to tell you that we are SO CLOSE!

The Nature of Freedom will be available for pre-sale next week & will ship November 1! Consider yourself warned. 🙂

This book examines the work of the Cross, the demise of your old nature, and the development of the new man as God sees it. Much of it is even written in first person as a “letter from God.”

I believe it will unlock any area where you feel stuck in your spiritual experience and provide wisdom that enables you to know how God sees issues, how He thinks about them, and the way He would speak to them—empowering you to step into that place He has set aside for you in the truth.

Also worth mentioning, we’re offering some really fun perks (worth over $60) for pre-ordering beforeNovember 1! These perks include a behind the book video series about why & how I wrote this book, one free month on Brilliant TV & more! I can’t wait for you to read it! Stay tuned for more information.”


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