Review of the Month: The Language of Promise

The Language of Promise is the latest re-release in The Being with God journal series. This journal focuses specifically on God’s plans and promises for our life. God’s passion is to make each of us into joyful carriers of His word through His promises to us. He is the the-language-of-promise_medium_cropkindest person any of us could ever meet, and His love for us empowers us to do more than we could ever dream of. In this brilliant review, Christina explains how God’s passion helped her learn to abide in Him no matter her life situation:

This book has taught me that The Holy Spirit is committed to seeing me connect with God no matter what state my life is in (p 47). I feel that I really am learning to allow the Spirit to help me find and enjoy the grace of God.

I love the fact that promises are a big part of God\’s love language to us. The way that Graham writes about the nature of God is so freeing. I am on my journey from Jacob to Israel, and loving every step. The meditation exercise is absolutely awesome. I have done it six times in the past two years and I have had a different encounter with God every time!!
-via Brilliant Book House

Until the end of the month The Language of Promise will be featured throughout the Team Brilliant sites as well as at Brilliant Book House, with both the paperback and eBook available for just $5. Pick up your copy today. 

If you’ve already read The Language of Promise, please consider leaving a review so others have a fuller understanding of the impact this message can have on their lives as well.

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