Today’s Brilliant Perspective: What the Cross Gave God

“Life with you is God’s dream.

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit created man in their image to have friends and a family to be with. It was their dream. But that level of intimacy vanished when sin separated God from His beloved creation.

He still loved us because He is unchanging in His love—but His fellowship with us was compromised. Until Jesus died on the cross and gave the Father back His dream. God no longer had to merely visit the people He adored, but could live and abide in them as was always His heart’s desire.”

Graham wrote about this in detail this morning on the Brilliant Perspectives blog. If you’re interested, be sure to check it out!

The Art of Thinking BrilliantlyFor a deeper exploration about the significance of a life style of abiding, try listening to The Art of Thinking Brilliantly. In The Art of Thinking Brilliantly, Graham teaches about the importance of an abiding lifestyle if we want to experience the true fullness of God and step into our true Kingdom identities.


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