Brand New from Graham Cooke: The Nature of Freedom

You may have noticed the Brilliant social media accounts are all focused on one thing this week: the brand new book from Graham Cooke!

In this new series, Letters from God, the idea was that each book would contain several letters directly from God explaining how He thinks about common life struggles & the extraordinary depths of freedom available to you.

the-nature-of-freedomThe Nature of Freedom is a powerful devotional tool that will enable you to understand a wide variety of truths purely from God’s perspective. The book is deeply relational, highly personal and carries the same simple, practical and profound theology that Jesus used throughout the Gospels.

It examines the work of the Cross, the demise of your old nature, and the development of the new man as God sees it. This unique perspective will unlock any area where you feel stuck in your spiritual experience. It will provide you with a wisdom that enables you to know how God sees issues, how He thinks about them, and the way He would speak to them, empowering you to step into that place He has set aside for you in the truth.

As a journal of your journey into the nature of freedom, there are questions for consideration, processing tools and activations that will release you into a practical encounter with the Lord. Learn how to see as He sees, think how He thinks and allocate His nature of freedom to all areas of your life!

The Nature of Freedom is currently available as a pre-order in both a paperback and eBook format. Copies will start being sent out November 1. For a limited time with your order of The Nature of Freedom you can also redeem up to $60 worth of bonus content, including 3 audio teaching sessions from Graham, a one-month free subscription to Brilliant TV and so much more! Order your copy of The Nature of Freedom.


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