Review of the Month: Developing Your Destiny

Graham Cooke’s social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter, are a brilliant place to engage with Graham’s material and interact with other Brilliant fans. Often, people share testimonies and reviews with us through Facebook comments that we think will inspire others or help them find the right resources for their current season. Today we’d like to share this Facebook comment from Amber F. in regards to last year’s Brilliant Event, Developing Your Destiny:dyd

This was the first Graham Cooke teaching I purchased and still has to be the most profound and encouraging to me. There are many wonderful nuggets of truth and revelation that don’t just apply to the topic but are excellent bits of wisdom to meditate on and walk in. There is a lot of encouragement in this to how to use the prophetic words you have received, how even scriptures when they come alive to you and resonate with you are prophetic to you and are keys of how and where and what God is speaking to you and in you about your life and your future. When God is calling you something that you don’t see yourself and you can’t see yourself becoming, the teaching in this series will really unpack that kind of scenario through some of Graham’s personal experience and journey with the Lord as well as several amazing testimonies and stories. I have listened to this teaching several times and I still get so much out if it. It is more than worth the price so consider getting it!

If Amber’s comment piqued your curiosity about Developing Your Destiny, be sure to check it out; through the end of the month, you can purchase a copy at a discounted price. If you’ve already listened to Developing Your Destiny, we encourage you to reach out either through a review on the website or by sharing your story in the comments of In Focus or by email. Reviews and testimonies like this can be immensely helpful to people who aren’t yet sure what they’re looking for, and listening to someone share their story of how a teaching or key concept changed their life can be invaluable.


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