New at Brilliant Book House for November 2016

By now you’ve probably heard that Graham’s new book, The Nature of Freedom was towards-a-powerful-inner-life_small_crop.pngreleased this month, but did you know that Brilliant Book House has two other new releases as well?

Towards a Powerful Inner Life, book 6 of The Being with God journal series was just re-released this month, to join the first 5 in the newly edited and redesigned series. For the month of November you can order a paperback or digital download for just $5.

Towards a Powerful Inner Life shines a light on our internal spiritual conflict.This journal focuses on the difference between the soul, otherwise known as the outer man — and the spirit — also known as the inner man. These two parts each strive for complete control of who we are. In this journal Graham offers techniques for submitting our outer man to our inner man so that nothing from the outside will ever be able to shake who we are in Christ.

Shop for Towards a Powerful Inner Life.

sacred-space-project_coverBob Book has released an all-new worship CD this month as well! The Sacred Space Sessions Project 1 is crafted, contemplative worship that is both immersive and interactive.  This new studio recording features a cycle of songs, prayers and scripture based meditation that create an intentional, thoughtful, worship experience.

Focused on a theme taken from the Lord’s Prayer, “…on earth as it is in heaven” — this project reveals and reinforces the truth of who God is, how he thinks of us, and our part in his kingdom on earth.

Shop for The Sacred Space Project 1.


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