Question for the Community: What Does the Freedom to Rest Really Mean for Our Lives?


Rest is a fortress against the enemy and an important place to reconnect with the heart of the Father. In Graham’s newly re-released book, Towards a Powerful Inner Life, he makes this point about rest:

There is no good time to learn about resting. There will always be something that will prevent you from resting. Psalm 46 opens with an earthquake and ends with “Be still, and know that I am God.” Mark 4 has a storm threatening the safety and security of the disciples. The antidote was to speak peace, as Jesus did. But if you can rest now, you can rest at any other time. God has given you permission to rest when you are in turmoil about yourself. What are you resting in? You’re resting in the fact that God adores you, right now. You’re resting in His ability to change you all the time. And you’re resting in the fact that you are totally acceptable to Him. It doesn’t matter what is occurring around or within you. You are acceptable in Christ.

-an excerpt from Towards a Powerful Inner Life

So, what has rest brought to your life so far? What would creating space for more rest and abiding do for your spiritual life?

We encourage you to share your stories of rest and abiding so that we may share it on In Focus later this month! Your stories and testimonies of Graham’s teachings are invaluable to others in need of revelation but not sure where to start. You can share you story in the comments below or at

If you’re interested in finding some resources about rest, be sure to check out Graham’s book Towards a Powerful Inner Life, which is available for only $5 all month, or his CD teaching, The Practice of Rest at Brilliant Book House.


2 thoughts on “Question for the Community: What Does the Freedom to Rest Really Mean for Our Lives?

  1. There are several practical ways that I like to focus on rest.
    The first is choosing peace (over anxiety or worry). It’s a choice! He gave me a vision to hook into and use as a contact point. If God hadn’t taught me how to do this, I would never have seen the first few hours of my youngest son’s life.

    The second is what I call ‘sinking into Jesus’. I use this with my kids a lot. I envision a seat in my belly. I actively choose to get off the seat then ask Jesus to sit on it. I then imagine myself sinking into my belly into Jesus’ lap and all the way into his very being. In John it Jesus says that we are in Him and he is in us and he is in the Father. And so I actually see myself in him. From this seat of rest (if you want a more grownup term) atmospheres are changed. I have taught my boys to do this and it helps them go to sleep quickly at night and also helps them emotionally regulate.

    Rest is a powerful tool and a powerful way of life!


  2. The seventh day Sabbath is a sign of the rest found in Christ. “There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God .And God did rest the seventh day from all His works.” Hebrews 4:9,4 Sunday observance is a child of the papacy, an idol Sabbath. All the great reformers correctly identified the beast. Now it`s image is coming to the world stage as foretold. Sabbath versus Sunday rest is the last controversy before Jesus returns.


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