A Brilliant Perspective: What Does it Actually Mean to Be Alive in Christ?

Are you really living in EVERYTHING that God intended when He put you in Christ?

What does it actually mean to be ALIVE in Christ?

Today Graham shares one of the Letters from God from his new book The Nature of Freedom about the Father’s joy in watching us learn to become more like him. Read the letter now.

You can also check out some of Graham’s other brilliant resources on this topic for free on Youtube or at Brilliant Book House. One of our most comprehensive materials on identity and behavior is Mind of a Saint, the incredible follow-up series to The Art of Thinking Brilliantly. Check out this review left by Patricia at Brilliant Book House about the transformative nature of this series:

Fasten your spiritual seatbelts, because you will never be the same after experiencing Mind of a Saint. I signed up for the live streaming of the conference and had to order a copy right away. I have listened to some of the sessions 2 and 3 times and am still gleening nuggets and nuggets of revelation. Talk about setting the captives free. The anointing is so powerful I could feel my dead thinking fall away and shatter like glass. Graham teachings are rich with scripture as He takes us into the heart of God’s love and purpose for our lives. Not only will you walk away with a renewed mind, you’ll know how to go deeper into the heart of God than you ever thought possible. I guarantee you , you will never be the same.MoaS

Learn more about Mind of a Saint.

If you’ve already listened to Mind of a Saint consider telling us what you learned and how it changed you by leaving a review.

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