A Brilliant Perspective: Difficulties Are Opportunities

It’s easy to fall prey to a life of circumstances, challenges, and obstacles that are sub-par to the place of fullness that God has for us. But He has already given us the upgrade and the answer. We just have to know what to focus on!

Today Graham shares another letter from God from his new book, The Nature of Freedom, that will help you reflect on the fullness of the Father and guide you into a place of abiding. Read more at Brilliant Perspectives. the-nature-of-freedom

We are so excited to hear people’s stories of transformation from this book and we can’t wait to see what changes come from it. Earlier this month, Evelyn left this review of The Nature of Freedom at Brilliant Book House:

The Lord led me to Graham Cooke’s site and I have for two months daily listening, praising and praying and thanking the Lord for leading me to his site. I am listening day and night to Graham’s teaching and sharing his relationship with our Lord and Savior. This book is just what I need. I feel that my heavenly father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit along with Graham are going to be walking with me and encouraging me to realize I am called to be a Warrior even if I have just turned 79 years of age. Age is a number but my spirit is ageless. Praise God!

This first chapter has opened my heart even more than the days and nights of listening to the recorded messages from Graham.

If you’ve already started exploring The Nature of Freedom, please consider leaving a review at Brilliant Book House. Your story of transformation could be just the tip someone needs when looking for new resources to expand their thinking. 


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