Are You Ready to Change the World?

We are called to help others. We are called to show people the love and nature of God. We are here to live as though Heaven is on Earth. None of these are passive actions; they are intentional acts that prove the love of Christ through us.

One of the ways Team Brilliant calls on others to act is by partnering with Not For Sale, a foundation we’ve worked closely with for years that is working to end slavery worldwide. Currently, “45.8 million people today are living in slave-like conditions. That’s bigger than the population of California, Canada, or Argentina. Nearly every country on earth is affected, including the United States. And more than $150 billion in profits are generated annually by businesses employing slavery and exploitation.” (Not For Sale)

In this video, founder and CEO David Batstone shares his long-term goals for sustainable change:


From the Not for Sale Campaign:

When you donate to Not For Sale, you invest in our current projects and a future that protects the remaining 2 billion people left unserved. Every single dollar goes toward expanding the number of lives which can be transformed.

Here’s how we do it: We combine the best elements of social programming and business in our proven, 3-step process…


Step 1: We partner with local experts, community leaders, and business people to understand the root causes of slavery in a region. We provide food, shelter, education, and healthcare to people affected by modern slavery.


Step 2: We investigate the local economy. We ask, “why are people here susceptible to slavery? What could we do to create economy for them?”


Step 3: We partner with entrepreneurs who have a vision to build an economic engine for the project. These businesses feed revenue back into the project, so that we can give them jobs, stable income, and fund more social intervention.

Together we can make Kingdom-living a reality here on Earth, through awareness, outreach and generosity of spirit. Please visit to donate or learn more about the many projects they are doing worldwide.




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