Review of the Month: The Nature of Freedom

By now you’ve probably heard about Graham’s new book, The Nature of Freedom, but did you know that you could download the entire first chapter for free?

the-nature-of-freedomThousands of people have downloaded the first chapter and are already on their way to a deeper understanding of their new man in Christ. Just check out this review at Brilliant Book House of everything there is to learn just from the first few pages:

Graham Cooke isn’t just a Father but the Father of MODERN Day prophetic ministry! He has spoken not just with grace but gravity as he paint and penned the very essence of the New Life. Freedom is that essence and the highest accomplishment of the redeemed life…Nothing is more difficult to manage like freedom but with Graham’s help and insight, we no more need to manage freedom again but rather enjoy it to the full inspite of our frailty. Yes; Graham has let us know that the best way to manage freedom and live free is by enjoying it to the full! Happy freedom and all thanks to Graham Cooke the Father of prophetic freedom!!!

You can download your free preview of The Nature of Freedom too, or you can order the book in its entirety for just $9 at Brilliant Book House. We are called to live how He lives. We are called to think the way He does and speak to situations the way He would. The Nature of Freedom will give you key tools to unlock any area where you feel stuck. Check out The Nature of Freedom today! 


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