Something for Everyone: The Brilliant Book House Christmas Specials


This year Brilliant Book House has a huge array of Christmas specials covering topics that will empower and uplift any believer. As an added bonus, for every $30 spent on the site this month, you’ll receive a surprise wrapped gift for yourself or to give away! For example, if you spend $100, you’ll receive 3 unique wrapped gifts! 

Are you looking to find a gift for someone who is new to Graham’s ministry? Check out The Classics Collection.

With The Classics Collection listeners will become familiar with Graham’s personal testimony of his life with God in Why Wounded and Betrayed Believers Are So Useful to God. From there the remaining three teachings cover the cornerstones of Graham’s ministry: prophecy, identity and relationship with God. If you’ve been hoping to introduce someone you love to Graham, this affordable collection is a great place to start?

Do you know someone who would love a deeper devotional experience with God? Check out The Soaking Collection.

The Soaking Collection includes 4 soaking CDs, each set over music, that focus on different aspects of devotional life. These CDs are profoundly refreshing, relaxing and renewing. For a more comprehensive soaking experience, we recommend The Devotional Soaking Series. The Devotional Soaking Series is made up of three CDs, each of which includes 6 prophetic words and a small journal with questions that serve as a guide to turning an encounter into a lifestyle. This makes a great gift for anyone who wants to explore abiding love and relationship with God at a deeper level.

Searching for a gift for someone who already loves Graham’s resources? Check out Graham’s brand new series The Epiphany which premiered in Anaheim in October of this year! 

The Epiphany CD series is a 3-part audio teaching that explores the journeys we all must take to get to a deeper understanding of life in the Kingdom and to truly experience the full majesty and lovingkindness of the Father. This series is brand new to Brilliant Book House and is available just for this month at a special price.

Is there a person in leadership who you would like to encourage in their position this season? Check out The Brilliant Influence Collection.

The Brilliant Influence Collection includes two teachings and focuses on mentorship in personal relationships and leadership in larger settings. Together these teachings combine to create an empowering look at the language of Heaven and how this language encourages and uplifts others. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a church pastor, a group leader, a mother, father, friend or acquaintance, this series will give them the you power to help other people through hard times and into a BRILLIANT new understanding of God and what He wants for us all.

Have a bookworm that you’re trying to find the perfect gift for? Consider the Being with God journal series.

The Being with God journal series is newly released at Brilliant Book House this month and it has received a makeover! After a year of being unavailable, this series is one of our most asked about resources. Each book in the Being with God series can be read in one sitting, and offer thought-provoking teaching, inspiring quotes, easy-to-understand exercises, powerful prayers and meditations, and important prophetic impressions. As an added bonus, for the entire month of December you will get a free copy of Graham’s newest book, The Nature of Freedom with the purchase of this set!

Is there someone in your life who seems stuck, needs encouragement or could use an upgrade in their mindset regarding themselves or their relationship with God? Don’t miss the Brilliant Thinking Collection.

The Brilliant Thinking Collection includes two of Graham’s most popular audio teachings, The Art of Thinking Brilliantly and Mind of a Saint. It also includes Radical Perceptions, a companion book filled with quotes and short essays to help expand your thinking and facilitate meditative reflection.

With all of these specials we are sure you’ll find something for everyone on your list this Christmas. If you are planning to place an order for Christmas and hope to receive your order before Christmas, please take note of these important deadlines:

For all domestic orders, please place your order by December 19 to receive your order by December 24.

For all international orders, please place your order by December 6 to receive your order by December 24.





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