Your Devotional Life Will Never Be the Same After Reading this Series

After an entire year of being unavailable, The Being with God journal series is back at Brilliant Book House — and something is a little different. Over the last 12 months, each of the eight books in this series have been receiving a little makeover. Now these books are truly as polished as the ideas within!


Before this set became unavailable, readers of Graham’s material were always letting us know about the impact this series had on their spiritual lives. For instance, take a look at this review from Nance a Brilliant Book House:

I appreciate this collection so much: they are a beautiful addition to my “liquid  library… not meant to gather dust! Each Interactive Journal small enough not to be daunting, to slip in my backpack and have handy all through the day, yet powerpacked with Scripture, personal testimonies, and best of all, activations to apply so that I become a “doer” of The Word, and experiencer of His qualities, not just a “reader” of them.

Having more than one of this collection around is so cool because they jump off the my shelf into my friends’ hands and hearts at just the right moment: what an arsenal! It is about time for me to get my next set!

Each of these books can be a powerful, deeply personal resource for anyone at any stage of their spiritual journey. Whether you or someone you know needs to truly experience the majesty of God or if you want to understand the language of Heaven, this series offers small but impactful revelation on a wide variety of devotional topics.

As an added bonus, for the month of December when you purchase the full Being with God series, you’ll receive a free copy of Graham’s brand new book, The Nature of Freedom as well as surprise free gift from Brilliant Book House! Shop for The Being with God journal series.


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