Feeling Stressed? 3 Brilliant Resources for Staying Peaceful this Season


People often say that stress is natural, or that a little bit of stress is good for you. But with Christ we don’t ever have to be stressed.

That said, the holidays are a busy time and busyness often presents itself as anxiety and tension. Busyness also takes up important space in our life that we could be giving to relaxed relational time with the Father. Graham speaks regularly about the importance of living a restful life because in rest we are able to abide in the Father and truly discover His heart for us. If you find yourself struggling with rest and relaxation this season, or know someone else who is, check out these resources:

Graham’s ministry, Brilliant Perspectives, has a bi-weekly blog where Graham shares his latest thoughts on a variety of topics. This post from a few weeks ago focuses specifically on difficult situations and how to stay focused on the important things even in trying times. Brilliant Perspectives’ content is always free and is a great way to engage with the rest of our brilliant community!

One of Graham’s most popular audio teachings, is the single-session teaching Overcoming Negativity Through Rest. This short teaching is an ideal refresher for anyone stuck in a negative mindset. We are all able to overcome, to turn inwards and listen to the heart of the Father; sometimes we just need a reminder about how to do it! This series is available at Brilliant Book House for just $5 as an MP3 download and is a perfect resource for quick listening in the car or before bed at night. Check it out today.

Many of Graham’s fans and followers find Graham through Youtube, another brilliant source for free Graham Cooke content. In this short video from the Graham Cooke Youtube page Graham speaks briefly and candidly about anxiety and its causes. He also speaks about our brilliant access to the Kingdom that is available to us as worshippers and believers in Christ and how a change in our mindset allows us to look at the Kingdom through a lens of peace instead of worry. You can also check out dozens more videos from Graham on his Youtube page.

These resources are a great starting place if you’re struggling to find peace in this season of busyness. This season is supposed to be one of joy, of gratitude, and of peace. Let these resources help you upgrade your thinking and end this year right!

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