A Brand New Perspective: A Look at The Brilliant Thinking Collection

Are you living in everything that God intended when He put you in Christ?

What does it actually mean to be ALIVE in Christ?

These are two questions that Graham has explored in depth over the last several years from many different perspectives. This month, Brilliant Book House curated a collection of teachings that will help anyone answer these questions for themselves and upgrade them into an entirely new realm of Kingdom-minded thinking.

The Brilliant Thinking Collection includes Graham’s most-beloved series, The Art of Thinking Brilliantly, and its follow-up series, Mind of a Saint. It also includes Radical Perceptions, a book of 52 short phrases, quotes and essays that was created to help readers expand their thinking in manageable doses. As an added bonus, with every purchase of brilliant-thinking-collection_christmas.jpgthis collection you’ll receive a FREE wrapped gift from Brilliant Book House.

This collection was made for anyone who is struggling with their mindset, needs a new perspective, or who knows but isn’t sure how to access the true majesty, lovingkindness and favor of the Father. If you or someone you know could benefit from a refreshed mindset and a renewed point of view, check out this series today!

***Today is the last day for orders placed in the United States for guaranteed delivery by Christmas. If you have some last-minute Christmas shopping to do, place your order now.***

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