A Brilliant Perspective: The Countdown on 2016 Has Begun, What Upgrades Are There for Us in 2017?


As we all get ready to leave 2016 behind and move ahead into a new year with new promises, upgrades and challenges, it’s important to reflect on what this current year has given us. What tools, perspectives and mindset changes did we experience? What do we hope for in the year to come?

Today on the Brilliant Perspectives blog, Graham shares the way he likes to reflects on another year gone by and offers helpful questions as a guide for processing, meditating and planning for the future. Read it here.

For deeper exploration consider listening to Graham’s teaching, The Art of Thinking Brilliantly, which raises many of these same questions in an expanded way that is sure to transform your thinking and upgrade your mindsets for the new year. Another brilliant resource is Graham’s newest book, The Nature of Freedom which was designed to facilitate direct communication with the Father and to open up new doors to the Kingdom and allow for true exploration of your Kingdom identity and the Father’s hopes and plans for your future. Both of these teachings are part of Brilliant Book House’s Christmas sale, so don’t miss out!


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